About Us

The Colombian Society of Horticultural Science (SCCH), founded in 2006, is a non-profit organization that promotes the research in horticultural science pursuing only scientific and technical objectives. The Colombian Society of Horticultural Science is registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Colombia under Not. S0027402 of May 30, 2006; NIT: 900086196-9.
SCCH has a mission to foster the research in horticultural science (Pomology, Olericulture, Floriculture, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants, and Landscape Horticulture) and to apply the knowledge generated in teaching and extension activities for the benefits of horticultural sectors in Colombia and the tropics. The Society activities include formation and coordination of interdisciplinary research groups, sections and committees supported through the contributions of SCCH members or other institutions with related activities.


SCCH was created to be the leading entity in the development of Colombian horticulture interacting with other scientific societies and institutions at the national and international level. The Society is capable to integrate with other institutions, societies, companies and producers involved in national or international horticultural programs with a primarily responsibility of designing and implementing research programs at different levels, generating and disseminating knowledge with the goal to reach a harmonic, competitive and sustainable development of horticulture in Colombia and the tropical regions of the world.


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